Donna Marie Merritt tomorrow

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow it will be my pleasure to bring you Donna Marie Merritt as my Featured Guest. You met her recently when she shared news about her new book of poetry. Here’s the link.  Today I’m posting Donna’s impessive bio to give you a headstart in getting to know more about her.

Donna Marie Merritt taught for 14 years in Connecticut and is a former columnist
for Teaching K-8 magazine.

Donna is the author of two poetry books—Cancer: A
Caregiver’s View
(Avalon Press, 2011) and Job Loss: A Journey in Poetry (Avalon
Press, 2010). Her poetry has appeared in magazines, school reading programs,
American Library Association’s Book Links, and in Dear One: A Tribute to Lee Bennett
, an anthology from the National Council of Teachers of English. She has also
published extensively for children, including 15 award-winning math and science books,
with over 120,000 books sold. For more, visit her site at

Poetry Books
Job Loss: A Journey in Poetry; Cancer: A Caregiver’s View

Children’s Books
Amazing Scientists; Are They Equal?; How Else Can You Show It?; How Scientists
Observe; Is It Likely to Happen?; Let’s Eat!; Let’s Figure It Out!; Let’s Measure with
Tools; My Wonderful Body; Over, Under, In, and Out; Playground Science; Sun and
Shadows, Sky and Space; Too-Tall Tina; Water Cycle; What Time Is It?*

Dear One: A Tribute to Lee Bennett Hopkins (anthology from NCTE); Queue Workbooks
(school writing program); and the following magazines: ALA’s Book Links, Highlights
High Five, SCBWI Bulletin, SCBWI New England News, Wee Ones, Carolyn’s Voice,
The Catholic Yearbook, The Catholic Leader

“The Parent Connection” and “Life in the Middle” for Teaching K–8 magazine

38 teachers’ guides; language arts instruction books; comprehensive preschool
readiness program; essays; fiction and nonfiction for school reading programs;
newsletters; and magazine articles on education, family, faith, and writing

Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine (2007, 2008, 2009); YA Fiction Prize
from Children’s Writer; Award for Best Poetry from Dimensions

The Connecticut Poetry Society
The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
*Please note that work published prior to 2007 is under the name Donna Pitino as well
as several pseudonyms for children’s books.

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