What Are the Pros Up To, with Cheryl Harness


Hi everyone,

I’m always glad to welcome back previous Featured Guests to give us quick updates on recent mountains climbed and publishers’ doors battered in. Cheryl Harness is one of my favorite pals and a consistant star at children’s literature festivals when kids have a choice of who they want to meet and listen to. Thanks, Cheryl, as always, and congratulations on the new book. (She always sounds like it’s a miracle when she places a book but believe me, it isn’t.)

David, did I tell you that I sold a manuscript? For the first time in an awfully long time. Almost makes one tempted to believe in oneself. Albert Whitman’s going to do my picture book about Dr. Mary Walker, that feisty old character. The nice, sweet ed. there had me do a couple of pictures by way of an audition so I’m still waiting to see if I’ll be doing the illustrations. I’d never had to do that before, but as you know, the world is a very different place nowadays. and always has been, as you also know.


I had a great visit in Joplin with old friends w/ Vicki Grove & Veda Boyd Jones. I swear that's the best thing about this so-called book biz, the people you get to know. You for instance.

I got to visit Savannah, GA for a bit just here lately. My baby brother's daughter was married, time being a runaway train. She's completing a doctor of phys. therapy degree & she married a cute young
baseball player! look up a fella w/ the Mets organization, named Josh Stinson. And if you look on
my facebook page you'll see a pic of me w/ my uncle Lester. I visited him in Florida.

Life sure has its compensations, no?

Here’s a link to a recent article about Cheryl. I hope you’ll click on it to learn more about today’s Featured Guest.