Things are a little hectic

Hi everyone,

Sorry to step back for a bit but today is my deadline to prepare the last of 19 scripts for my upcoming series of podcast programs to be known as “This Week with David Harrison.” I mentioned this before when we were completing the initial trial episode. Everything is a go so now I have to come through with all these writing tips for classroom teachers and their students. Next Saturday I’m to shoot all 19 spots in this first phase of the series. Wish me (and my voice) luck!

I’l be around tomorrow with my second response to WRITERS AT WORK. The subject this month is The Perils and Joys of Writing in Many Genres. I hope you are enjoying this ongoing series.

This Friday I’ll introduce my Featured Guest for the week, Carole (C. S.) Adler. You are going to love her. On that day I’ll be in a school getting more shots for my series but I already have Carole’s spot in the schedule.

More as I can,