BULLETIN: I discovered additional pictues of Charles Waters, who was featured yesterday in What Are the Pros Up To? scroll down one post to see some neat additional photos. You’re looking good, Charles!

BULLETIN: This just in from my friend, Dr. Nile Stanley (Nile the Crocodile). As always, Nile is out their promoting poetry. Thanks, Nile! April Reading Calendar (animated & sound) Nile, I’m sorry to be so slow. Traveling does that to me. David

Hi everyone,

As you may recall, Sandy Asher and I agreed to take off this month from our regular Tuesday chats about writing. We’re both hanging onto the last knot in our ropes so this seemed like our best option. We’ll be back, hopefully in May, but for now we’re busy elsewhere.

If you want to review our previous topics, you can go scroll down to the box with previous subjects and tags in red and click on WRITERS AT WORK.

You can also go to America Writes for Kids (  and read them by the month, which is easier.

Thanks for understanding.


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