Swimming into the picture

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Hi everyone,

My friend Paula Graham http://paulagrahamart.com
is a talented writer and artist. Here’s a picture of her catching a big one. Says Paula, “I snagged a plastic bag filled with sand. Guess the universe wanted me to help clean up the ocean and leave the fish alone.”

She recently invited me to participate in an event where she lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania in which artists and poets were combining their talents to create an exhibit at the museum. Our submission was juried into the Oxford Arts Alliance Gallery show.

Paula sent me a picture of her painting of fish and I wrote a poem inspired by her work. The exhibit was highlighted by a party last week where all the art was admired and all the poems were read aloud.

With Paula’s permission, I’m posting a copy today of her work and my poem.

by David L. Harrison

Lean down,
the satin line
that separates us from

them, dwellers of the blue world,
slender darts suspended
earth and sky

where I, were I able,
might choose now and then
to plunge in and exchange
friendly bubbles
of fishy gossip.

4 comments on “Swimming into the picture

  1. David, how beautifully your sublime poem expresses and accentuates the beauty of the Paula Graham’s artwork. Pure harmony. Your images are breathtaking.


    • Greetings, Cory,

      I’m glad you like the poem and Paula’s great painting. Art can be such a strong stimulant for the imagination.


    • Thanks, Donna,

      I’m going to ask Paula to be a Featured Guest. I think readers should learn more about her.

      How about it, Paula?


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