Engage, the new IRA blog

Hi everyone,

International Reading Association has established a new blog, ENGAGE, that is sustained by a group of people who have been invited to contribute to it. My first contribution, which is about Word of the Month Poetry Challenge, appeared May 10. You have to be a member of IRA to access the site but I recommend it to you if you are a member or decide to become one.

Current membership of IRA is over 70,000 worldwide and includes teachers, administrators, reading coaches, librarians, authors, and many others who are interested in researching, teaching, or writing in the field of children’s literacy. More than 9,000 attended the annual conference in Orlando. In my audience were teachers from thirty states, Netherlands, Trinidad, Canada, and Columbia.

I consider my dues to organizations like IRA to be part of my responsibilities as a writer. Those who write for children are involved in partnerships with those who raise them, nuture them, and teach them. Part of what I’ll talk about during my poetry workshop next month in Honesdale, Pennsylvania is what children’s writers need to understand about these partnerships and take our places in them.

The link will take you to the place where you have to belong to IRA to go further. Click on Teacher to Teacher under the Blog button. Either way, I wanted to provide the first step.

My heart goes out to everyone who is reeling from the storms and flooding that are doing such awful things to so many people. We have ten straight days of rain in our local forecast and no doubt this means more trouble for those who live downstream from rivers already above flood stage.

For those who have not yet written a poem this month, the word PROMISE seems especially appropriate for the times.