Joplin, Missouri

Hi everyone,

Last night at least 89 people died in the tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri about seventy-five miles west of here. Veda Boyd Jones lives there and I don’t know if she is all right. You met Veda on October 12, 2010 in a segment of Writers at Work. Here’s the link. /

Large sections of Joplin were wiped out, including one hospital. Our heart goes out to vicitims, their families, and to everyone whose lives will be dramatically disrupted for a long time to come.



I just received this note from Veda. “We’re four blocks from path. Just have trees down. None hit our house. Friends have lost homes. Thanks for checking. Veda.” Thank goodness for Veda and her family. We are dreadfully sorry for so many others who were not as fortunate.