Summer schedule

REMINDER: Voting ends today at noon CST. If you haven’t voted yet for May Hall of Fame poets, time is running out!

Hi everyone,

Wednesday I leave for Honesdale, Pennsylvania for the poetry workshop I’ve mentioned. We’ll hold sessions in the home of the founders of Highlights and at night our eight poets will enjoy the serenity of their own cabins on the property. I’m eager to be there.

I am now at work or preparing to work on half a dozen book projects. Time is tight and I must back away from the daily demands of my blog for the summer. My solution is, I think, a good one. At this time I have had dozens of great Featured Guests and each has brought words of wisdom, advice, and inspiration to my readers. I plan to bring many of them back over the coming weeks so you can appreciate them again or, in some cases, maybe for the first time. If you want to go to the trouble of looking for their original appearances, you can do that now. My thought is to make the discoveries easier by bringing them back as re-posts.

I plan to continue introducing new Featured Guests as my time allows but on some days you will find old friends who are reappearing for your pleasure.

I know you understand and I thank you for supporting this blog with your loyalty and participation since we began in August 2009. I’ll continue to make weekly appearances of my own so I’m not going anywhere. I just need to reallocate how I spend my time this summer.

All best wishes to you for a great summer of your own!