4 comments on “Poem of the Week – Ladybug

  1. Huh, good question,… I know they look cute but for some strange reason I’ve always preferred not to have them crawling all over me.

    Sawubona Bhuti Wami
    I just had to come say howdy

    • Sawubona, dadewethu wami!

      It’s so good to hear from you again. Kade ngakugcina. Ngiyakukhumbula. Thank you for your howdy. I’m glad you like my inkondlo.

      Omdala David

      (How many mistakes did I make?)

  2. Have you ever had Ladybugs nest in your house? Quite an interesting thing to remove!
    I loved your poem and the presentation. Thank you for sharing it.
    Are they called Lady Bird Beetles in England? Will you change the poem for British audiences?

    • Hi Joy,

      Nope. No ladybugs in our house but I’m told that they can be a real problem. Good point about changing the name if the poem goes into print in England. I had a book published years ago in England by Ladybird Press so maybe I should send my poem there. I remember that when The Book of Giant Stories was co-published in England many years ago, a few subtle editorial changes were made to “translate” from American English to British English.


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