June Rae Wood tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking forward to re-introducing June Rae Wood, although I realize that many of you are already well acquainted with June and/or her wonderful YA novels. Sometimes we dwell so much on poetry that we may lose the interest of writers who are more involved in other genres. Featuring a guest of June’s caliber is the perfect way to bring us back to the larger issues of creating children’s literature.

Tomorrow you’ll see what June has to tell us. For now, here’s a brief bio. Like so many others, June could have said a lot more than she did but I hope you’ll take the time to discover additional information about her on your own.

June Rae Wood grew up with seven siblings in Versailles, MO, reading every chance she got. However, writing didn’t interest her—not even when she went to college.
Many years passed before she got bitten by the writing bug. She honed her skills by studying “how to” books and listening to her work on a tape recorder.

Her first novel, The Man Who Loved Clowns, won the 1995 Mark Twain Award in Missouri and the 1995 William Allen White Award in Kansas. She has written four other novels for young adults—A Share of Freedom, When Pigs Fly, Turtle on a Fence Post, and About Face—and she contributed to two anthologies edited by Sandy Asher: Writing It Right! and On Her Way: Stories and Poems about Growing Up Girl. Mrs. Wood’s work has appeared in Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, School & Community, The Lookout, New Ways, the Sedalia Democrat, and other publications.

She is still happily married to William Wood, the man she met on a blind date years ago. They have a daughter and two granddaughters and live near Windsor, MO.

See you tomorrow!


One comment on “June Rae Wood tomorrow

  1. Hi Bhuti Wami, I am so back it ain’t even funny.

    Looking forward to June Rae tomorrow, for now I have to play a video game with Sbahle, I don’t want to but can’t say o to his cute face.

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