Word of the month for November

Hi everyone,

Webmaster Kathy Temean has been busy making some changes to spruce up my site. I like them and hope you do too. Please note that to post your work or comments, just click on the little balloon to the upper right of the day’s post. It’s quicker this way to get to the comment section. My thanks to Kathy!

Today is the last day to post your poem for October. Starting tomorrow we will have a new word to play with. I hope you have enjoyed October as much as I have. And to all you poets who found inspiration in the word, NEW, congratulations. You have entertained us all month with a wide range of poetry and I’m sure you have won new fans to your work.

Yesterday I heard from our old young friend, Rachel Heinrichs. Rachel is adding and applying new words to her vocabulary this year so I asked her to give us a word for November. Are you ready? Rachel’s word is FLAMBOYANT.

So there you have it. I’m eager to see where flamboyant leads us in November. Thank you, Rachel!



Lots of good poems this month!

Hi everyone,

Our Word of the Month word for October, NEW, has already generated 21 poems by adults and 2 poems by our young poets! You are setting a torrid pace. With seven more days counting today, we might hit a record this month.

If you’ve never tried your hand at writing a poem inspired by a single word, you’ll find it a refreshing exercise for the imagination and you may surprise yourself with the results. It’s easy to post your poem. Just go to the appropriate W.O.M. box at the top of this page, open it, scroll to the bottom, enter your work in the box there, and click to post it. You’ll love the comments you’ll receive from other poets and readers and you can contribute your own supportive comments about their work.

I hope you enjoy today’s picture of our lake. I took it late in the afternoon just as the pair of swans swam across the red reflection from a beautiful maple tree.


Family Voices event

Hi everyone,

We had a good event Saturday in Springfield. I didn’t realize it was Make a Difference Day but I think we made a difference for several children when their parents recorded their voices reading to them and we added the recording to the other story readers on the Family Voices CD. We then gave the parents their personalized CD as well as a free book for their children under five.

Paul Lusk, the basketball coach for the Missouri State University Bears, brought the entire team and some of them read to the children who came for the event. These are tall young men who are focused on playing basketball but they all joined in the fun and spirit of the occasion. We also had Boomer and Growl, the Bears mascots, and you can imagine how the children loved giving them high fives and hugging them.

Judy Domeny played and sang several times throughout the afternoon and a number of our celebrity readers took turns reading stories from the stage.

All in all, we had a fine time and added a number of parent voices to the growing list of those who have come forward to participate in Family Voices. My thanks to everyone involved.