Announcing the Hall of Fame Poets of the Year

Hi everyone,

Voting was extremely light for the second annual Hall of Fame Poets of the Year. We attracted a lot of readers so maybe that’s the main thing. A tie gives us two winning adult poets. Congratulations to Ken Slesarik from Prioria, Arizona for his poem, “Halley’s Comet,” and to Joy Acey of Phoenix for “The View from the Iron.”

Only one vote was cast in each of the two young poet divisions. But fair is fair and a win is a win. Therefore, congratulations to NowEl Willhight, from Maumee Valley Country Day in Toledo, Ohio for his poem, “Here Comes the Sun.” NowEl wins in the grades 3-7 category. In the grades 8 – 12 group, our winning poet is Jason Stiles from Crescent City, Florida for his poem, “Water.”

We have now concluded the last 12-month cycle. From now on, there will be no vote at the end of the month and no need for 12-month cycles. We’ll simply go on enjoying the friendly chat and challenge of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. I hope to see all my old friends and gain many new ones as we go.

Thanks again, everyone.


8 comments on “Announcing the Hall of Fame Poets of the Year

  1. David,
    Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. I feel so humble and honored. You had some really great poems entered. Only one minor correction, I’m in Tucson. The weather here is 5 degrees cooler which makes a big difference on hot days. I did see Ken last weekend at the SCBWI-AZ Conference. We met a couple of other people who would barely admit that they wrote poetry, but we still had a grand time. Evidently his after-school program for the kids POETRY ROCKS is going well and I’m driving up in Nov. to do a program for them. Jeanne is coming in Dec. I hope that you’ll be able to come our way in the Spring.
    Thanks again. I just wish my dad were still around to share this with because the poem is the story of his sister.
    Hey, let’s all celebrate and write more poems. Yahoo, it’s shopping time.

    • Congratulations, Joy! I’m sorry that your dad missed this moment but your many friends old and new are glad that you shared it with us.


  2. Hi,

    I was so incredibly busy in the past months that my contributions of poetry have been few and far between. Even though the October voting is complete and there is no word established, may I submit a few pieces of work, just for those viewing the site to read?
    Thanks and best regards,
    Taylor McGowan

    • Hello Taylor!

      You are always welcome to post your work for us to enjoy. I know that you are a busy young lady these days. Thanks for coming by for a visit. I’ll look forward to your poetry.


  3. What a nice surprise! I hope it’s a precursor of things to come. As Joy mentioned my after school poetry club called Poetry Rocks! is indeed rockin’ and the school wide e-book fundraiser idea that came from Janet Wong could become a model for title 1 schools in need of creative funding. Go Esperanza Lobos! Both Janet and David have been such a help in this. Thank you both!

    Ken Slesarik

    • Hi Ken,

      Congratulations! I’m so pleased about your success so far with your e-book fund raiser. Congratulations on that too. You and Janet may need to write an article about your experience.


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