Calling all sports-minded poets!

Hi everyone,

My friend Carol-Ann Hoyte is creating an ambitious project of bringing together poems about sports from poets everywhere. Working with Heidi Bee Roemer (United States), Carol-Ann (Canada) reports that as of November 25th they’ve already received 75 poems. About one-third of these poems have been submitted from poets in Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, and Japan. The remaining poems have been sent by poets living in the U.S., representing a total of 11 states.

Way to go, Carol-Ann and Heidi! What a great way to bring dozens of poets together to share their thoughts on sports. I hope to see 50 or 60 more poems added to the growing list before the deadline next March. Read on!


Submission Deadline: March 31, 2012

On your marks, get set, write!

An independently published e-book anthology of children’s poetry dedicated to the wide world of sports is in the works.

ADULTS who write children’s poetry, including those who are emerging poets, are invited to submit their work.

We’re looking for original, unpublished poems, written in English, aimed at 5- to 12-year-olds that deal with various aspects of athletics:

Olympics and other major international sports events (i.e., FIFA World Cup)
winter/summer, individual/team sports
winning and losing
amateur/professional athletes
sports fans and those behind the scenes (coaches, refs, etc.)
equipment/uniforms and places where sports are played
sports history and other miscellanea (halls of fame, records, trivia, etc.)
*We are interested in receiving poems written in a variety of forms including but not limited to the following: couplet, triplet, limerick, haiku, tanka, cinquain, diamante, mask poem, apostrophe poem, list poem, etheree, palindrome, etc.

Poets whose work is selected for the collection will receive a small honorarium.

We will contact you shortly after the deadline if we plan to include your poem in the anthology.

A portion of the anthology’s proceeds will be donated to Right to Play, an organization working with volunteers and partners to use sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage.

Please email poems to Carol-Ann Hoyte at .

Carol-Ann Hoyte (Canada) and Heidi Bee Roemer (United States),
The Editors

6 comments on “Calling all sports-minded poets!

  1. I just sent in my 4th batch of poems to them today. Nothing like an anthology to get the writing juices flowing. It would be an honor to be picked. By the way… I think you rock David!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Charles!

      It’s so good to hear from you. I’m always glad to see your name pop up. You’re right about needing a project or deadline to get us off our duffs and into doing something. Otherwise it’s just too easy to put things off.


    • Hi Yousei,

      I’m glad you decided to join the fun. As you say, they’ll always come in handy for other applications. I haven’t written anything yet but I will.

      Hope things are good with you.


      • Hi David,
        I have one question and then some chatter. Where do the prior month’s W.O.M. poems go now?

        Me? I’m doing so-so but working on good. I spoke with my Aunt P. Collins last night. She was glad to hear about your upcoming release. They are going through a tough time right now. Their younger son had a stroke last year and recently began having seizures. He’s on medication, but they are his caregivers. He’s improved a lot, but one unsettling side-effect of the stroke is a change in his outward personality. Keep them in your prayers.

  2. Yousei, to cut back on the time I was spending, I haven’t been reposting all the poems at the end of the month. They are there all month as they come in and then I remove them. They are saved in my files in case anyone needs to reference one.

    Please give your aunt my best wishes. I miss seeing her and am quite sorry to learn about her son’s health problems. I will keep them in my thoughts!


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