New translation for Giants

Hi everyone,

In my mail yesterday was a copy of THE BOOK OF GIANT STORIES translated into Lithuanian. I had been expecting it and was delighted to see my old stories in another language. I’ve lost track of how many times the book has been translated since it came out in 1972. When GIANTS won the Christopher Award, foreign contracts came quickly and I think a dozen or more countries published it. Some were in English but at least ten or twelve were in other languages.

Individual stories from the book have appeared in numerous anthologies and reading textbooks. The most recent request was from the Phillipines this past summer.

Wishing everyone a good week,


8 comments on “New translation for Giants

    • Roxie, thank you. It’s great fun to hold a book translated into someone else’s language. I’m always enormously flattered.


    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you. I just had to brag a bit. I like to think that a new generation of kids, ones in a different part of the world, will be reading stories that I made up forty years ago.


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