A sample from Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Today we welcomed a pair of ladder-back woodpeckers to Goose Lake. We are a bit out of their normal range but this time of year we get quite a few visitors. Yesterday I watched another migrant, a beautiful kingfisher.

Today I’m sharing something from my new eBook collection of poetry, GOOSE LAKE, A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A LAKE. Each poem is preceded by a brief prose description.

This morning Goose Lake holds a cloud on her lap white and thick as a down comforter. Pity a Mallard lost on the water surrounded by Canadians — a tug boat bobbing blindly among freighters.

In an hour the fog will vanish. Like a magic trick its mist will freeze on trees, flashing diamonds on every bony finger, but for now Goose Lake is a mystery lady covering her secrets in a white wrap.

Yard lights on the far bank
wink like fireflies probing the fog
for safe passage.

My hackberry trees
raise leafless arms,
prisoners surrendering
to an invisible foe.

Somewhere a duck without a body
quacks to itself a lone note
that stirs no interest.

Mornings like this,
Goose Lake avoids company.
Her pulse slows.
Little moves or mutters.

4 comments on “A sample from Goose Lake

  1. Dear Mary Nida,

    Thank you for coming by today. I’m happy that you enjoyed this poem. I have a feeling that I could write about Goose Lake for the rest of my life.


  2. Now I know the secret to your serenity.

    Am waiting for B&N to give me permission to review the book.

    Do love the illustrations. Until now, the other books used photos. The drawings are charming.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      I admit that looking out at the lake is always a pleasure and inspiration.

      I’m not sure how it works but I’m not certain that you need permission to review a book online. I reviewed Janet Wong’s great new collection and all I did was go to her book, click on how to leave a review, and follow the instructions. It only took a few minutes and the review appeared shortly afterward.


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