Cory Corrado’s new poetry collection

Hi everyone,

I want to tell you about a special accomplishment by Cory Corrado. Cory was one of the poets who attended my poetry workshop last June in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. She, like the other seven members of our 2011 group, brought her own voice and sensibilities to the party. One of Cory’s passions is nature. She takes gorgeous pictures and writes about what she sees around her. She has a spirit that seems as one with the natural world.

Now Cory has brought out a beautiful collection of her work called, NATURE INSPIRES, Poems and photographs by Cory Corrado (copyright by Cory Corrado, 2011).

Nothing could seem more “Cory.” In this group of poems, you learn to know the author and see the world through her own loving filters. From her opening lines (“The soul of nature ignites./The buzz of wild harmony reigns -“) to her last words (“Nature – my breathing space/A sacred place: where I glimpse the divine”), Cory guides me through her world and leaves me nodding my head in appreciation. How can I not love a flower described like this? “Flamboyant cape, snugly draped over her shoulder/Robes billowing, breeze blowing, layers flowing/Ribbon wings flutter, hula fingers ripple . . . ” or a bee “Strawing juice/from pollen wells/on dripping-gold feet?”

Cory’s photographs are stunning. A picture of golden fall leaves moves her to write, “My eyes caress the gold . . . I feel whole.” Looking straight up into another magnificent tree, she sways with the moving boughs: “Mesmerized, I join the ballet.”

Cory, you brightened my day by sharing your new collection. Congratulations! May you write many, many more.

All best,

13 comments on “Cory Corrado’s new poetry collection


    Thank you, David, for the honor of being featured on your blog. What an unexpected surprise! Your gentle and always positive words of encouragement, your guidance, suggestions, and support have all led to this memorable moment.

    Your blog is a great source of inspiration and community. I feel blessed, appreciated, and very welcome in David’s Prolific Poetry Garden.


    • Cory, you are more than welcome. I’m happy to share good news like yours. You deserve every moment of a specatular day.


  2. Let me add my voice to David’s. Cory’s words and photos travel through the seasons and help you to feel at peace and at one with nature. The pictures are tremendous. The words are inspired. I loved the pictures of dancing leaves and Cory’s graphic design to have the words dance on the page too.
    Congratulations Cory. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful book into the world so others can enjoy it too.
    See you in 116 days.

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