An update

Hi everyone,

Today I think Laurie Edmondson, my co-author of the Teachers’ Guide book for my DVD series, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON, will complete her part of the last chapter. I’ve finished my part so all that’s left are the reading and reference lists. The Student Writing Journals are almost completed too and the DVDs are ready to go so we’re on schedule for a late summer release.

As for the set of five books I’m doing with Mary Jo Fresch, I’ve written 94 poems and have 2 left to do. Whew! Mary Jo is busy working on her part but we’re well on schedule for the series, which should come out next spring or early summer.

I leave for Dallas Friday morning to shop for our gift store at the market there and return home Monday night. After that I’ll finally get back to a nonfiction manuscript that went on the shelf months ago while I attended to these other projects. I’m eager to finish that manuscript before I tackle another round of poetry in a series of books with Tim Rasinski. That one will take me through much of the rest of this year although I hope to start another trade book of poems before we ring in 2013.

I’m listening to a light summer shower and am reminded that I haven’t posted my summer poem yet. Must do that before long!