Wrapping up

Hi everyone,

Sunday morning Sandy and I start the drive to our condo in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I don’t much look forward to the 14-hour drive but am eager to be there and spend time with our son Jeff and daughter-in-law Jennifer.

Laurie Edmondson and I are wrapping up the teachers’ guide and student writing journal that accompany the DVD series, LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. We’re on target for the kit to be released in late July or early August so I’m excited about that. I’ll have my laptop and phone so I can finish my work as well as stay in touch.

I’m back at work at last on the nonfiction book I put aside last year. It feels good to change genres for a while. Tomorrow (July 1) I’ll post the new word for July but might not have a chance to remove all the June poems and comments until I’m in Florida. Please excuse the clutter for a day or two until I can get settled in.

I’ll apologize in advance for what will undoubtedly be spotty posting at best during the next two weeks. It’s my vacation!