Back to the routine

Hi everyone,

Two weeks without writing a word. I feel like attending a Writers Anonymous meeting. “Hi, my name is David Harrison and I haven’t touched a pencil in fourteen days.”

One of my priorities for today is to get a start on my Word of the Month poem for July. Here we are halfway through the month and few people have posted their WONDER poems yet, including me. I’m on it.

Many of you are or have been traveling too. I hope you’re having a good summer. One of my highlights happened Saturday night when Sandy and I sat in the audience for an 80-minute dramatic reading from Sandy Asher’s play, WALKING TOWARD AMERICA, beautifully performed by Annie Meek Montgomery. It’s the story of Ilga Katais-Paeglis Vise, who left her home in war-torn Latvia when she was ten and eventually walked 500 miles with her family, often near starvation and sometimes detained in dreadful forced labor camps for long periods, until they eventually made their way across the Atlantic to America when Ilga was seventeen. It’s one of the most inspirational stories I’ve heard and I’m glad to call Ilga and her husband Sidney my friends. Sandy’s script is brilliant and Annie did a wonderful job of bringing vignette after vignette to life for the sold out audience.