My Word of the Month poem for July

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to see more poems going up inspired by this month’s word: WONDER. Here’s mine.

David L. Harrison

We wonder what makes water wet,
We wonder why we need a skin,
We wonder why our teeth fall out
If more are going to grow back in.

Who made candy taste so good
When no one lets us have enough?
Why is Mother’s face so smooth
But Daddy’s face can be so rough?

We wonder if a turtle itches,
Why a robin swallows worms,
If a skunk can tell he smells,
If a germ gets sick from germs.

We wonder if a fox is smart,
We wonder if a chicken’s dumb,
We wonder why a cow eats grass,
We wonder why we have a thumb.

We wonder what puts light in lightning,
What puts all the noise in thunder.
The world is full of things to know,
To think about and wonder!