A new week to write on

Hi everyone,

I always look forward to Mondays. Even when I have a week that I know will hold some difficult tasks or unpleasantries in it, Monday marks the beginning of another week of adventures. Today I plan to add to the list of ideas I’d like to write about. Before the day is up, my hope is to share some of the ideas on the list with an editor. About ten minutes ago I heard from a different editor who said she is passing for now on an idea I mentioned to her months ago. In the meantime I’d fallen out of love with that idea but it’s still on my list in a different genre.

My congratulations to Jill Corcoran and Kane Miller Publishing for putting out a beautiful book: DARE TO DREAM . . . CHANGE THE WORLD. This is one I mentioned last week. My copy arrived on the weekend and I’m charmed by it. The subject I chose to write about is a young man in Texas, Nicholas Cobb, who began raising money to buy coats for poor children when he was ten years old. Nicholas is a hero and he’s a great fit for this book about people who have made a difference. For each subject in the book there are two poems. One is about the person, the second is a poem inspired by the first. In this case I wrote the poem about Nicholas and Jane Yolen wrote a poem inspired by that.

Yesterday I sent Nicholas a note, telling him that he’s in a book. I got his mom because Nicholas was in a meeting at church. I hope he will be happy to find himself in the company of Jonas Salk, Temple Grandin, Martha Graham, and other heroes. If you want to learn more about this remarkable young man, here’s the link to his website. http://www.comfortandjoytexas.org/

For now the book is only available through the publisher, Kane Miller. Here’s the link to the book. http://new.myubam.com/search?q=dare+to+dream.

Wishing you a fine new week to write on,