Quick I need a couplet

Hi everyone,

I just finished an interview for Renee La Tulippe. She told me to be silly so I tried. I’ll let you know when it comes up and you can decide if I made the grade.

One of the things that Renee asked me to do was write — quickly! — a couplet. I did that too. It was fun.

So let’s have some quick couplets by you today. Since the word of the month is line, how about some couplets on lines.

Ready? Go!


69 comments on “Quick I need a couplet

  1. David L. Harrison , of course he’s sublime
    I’ll try to write a couplet in rhyme.

    Or maybe I’ll say he really is fine
    so I can write this couplet on line.

  2. Boys use lines as if we were fish
    They could reel in–they wish! They wish.


    Line up, folks, in a row,
    You will all get in the show.


    Something Brits all love to do–
    Line up longingly in a queue.

    Jane Yolen

  3. my favorite team of horses running in stride,
    my left check line just broke now going in circles
    lord what a ride.

  4. Sets of lines that end in rhyme
    Are pouring in in record time!

    The mosquito represents a line
    We could do without just fine.

  5. Hopscotch

    Dash the lines in the dirt with a broken stick;
    Hip hop, hip hop, quick, quick, quick!

    It’s not my best, but I tried!
    ~Taylor McGowan
    PS: if it calls me s’more lover again, sorry!

  6. The lazy life of a chinchilla—-
    sippin’ soda with sarsaparilla.

    It’s all very good and well
    untill things get bad and better.

    • ok one with “line”.

      I find it appalling and strangely appealing
      when they trip on the line their body goes reeling.

  7. Alarm clock’s ringing, rise and shine,
    Summer’s over, time to toe the line.

    Pack your backpack, tuck your shirt,
    Straighten the hemline of your new plaid skirt.

    School bus’s chugging up the street,
    You wait in line, then find a seat.

    Kids are laughing, telling tales,
    Punchlines fly, but you bite your nails.

    First-day jitters, your stomach’s tight,
    Will the bathroom line be out-of-sight?

    Take a deep breath, squelch your fear,
    Start the storyline of a new school year.

  8. This just in from Sara Holbrook. Thanks Sara!

    Eating ice cream on a park bench in D.C.
    On the corner of 15th street and E.

  9. How about a quatrain…?

    there was never a line quite so sublime
    as the one about hens working overtime—
    cheeping and peeping on two skinny legs,
    they spend all day pumping—pumping out eggs.

  10. The day has set, these lines seem done
    I came too late and missed the fun

    Oh well …
    Guess it’s the end-o-the-line for me 🙂

  11. What a glorious day. My thanks to all who joined in. I’m going to leave this challenge up tomorrow. I’m not sure we’re done.


      • I can’t believe you got line in again, David. This is so much fun. We’ll have to do it more often.

      • Line Drive

        Up and over the fence it goes,
        And where it lands, nobody knows.
        (Maybe Hoboken)

        from Jane yolen

        Ocean Liner

        It wasn’t fun, not a bit nice
        When voyage ended on the ice.

        Line Break

        Nothing funnier, nothing finer,
        Here is the end of a snappy one line-

        Clothing Question

        Have you ever ever been
        A dress that’s made of finest linen.

        Help me. . . .I can’t stop! Need a 12-step program to end this
        coupletation. (A textually transmitted disease.)


  12. Dear Jane,

    Coupletationists Anonymous
    12 Step Program

    1 Destroy your computer.
    2 Donate your smart phone to a kindergarten class.
    3 Walk into the next room without a pencil secreted in your clothes.
    4 Drive a mile without a writing pad on the seat beside you.
    5 Donate your collection of rhyming dictionaries to Goodwill.
    6 Ask a friend to hide your printer paper and refuse to tell you where it is.
    7 Watch a baby animal without trying to think of what rhymes with it.
    8 Avoid reading or saying anything in iambic pentameter.
    9 When someone asks what you do, say, “I do not write couplets.”
    10 If you feel an overwhelming compulsion to write a couplet, call a CA friend at once, day or night.
    11 If a couplet spews from your mouth like green pea soup, go to confession. If you are not a catholic, become one immediately. They know about exorcism.
    12 Stand tall and proud the moment you can say, “My name is XXX and I have not written a couplet in two days.

    • Oh dear, I have no smart phone, no pencil, and am Jewish. I am DOOOOOOMED!

      Thanks for trying though.

      All her rhyming dictionaries hurled,
      She coupled with the phrase, “Goodbye, Cruel World!”


      • Truth is, I didn’t want the cure to work on you anyway. What would we do without you!


  13. Here it is David. Silverstein has nothing to worry about but I had fun writing it.


    I’ll line up with you anywhere
    Except when playing truth or dare,
    ’cause honestly I cannot bare
    To once again lose all my hair.

    (c) Charles Waters 2012 all rights reserved.

  14. I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier — I’ve been busy getting ready for school. 😀

    A line can be so quick and fine,
    Or also thick and needing time.

    • Hi Rachel!

      Many thanks for joining the fun and posting your clever couplet! Sorry to be slow in getting back to you but the past few days have been rather hectic. Good job and thanks again. Your appreciative friend, David

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