My Word of the Month poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s my LINE inspired poem for August.


By David L. Harrison

Avoid a line
If it’s a crack
(Mustn’t break
Your mother’s back)
Don’t cross a line
On a double dare
A bee line
Is drawn in air
Lines on racing tracks
Are swervy
Lines on women
Make them curvy
Some lines divide
Couth from un-
A line dance
Is boots of fun
Some lines are hard
To read between
Some though there
Cannot be seen
String line prevents
A kite’s escape
Not recommended
For an ape
Liner when
Applied to eyes
Helps a girl
Cross some lines
And you can score
Sunburn lines
Will leave you sore
Lines on streets
Keep you in line
Crossing double
Line’s a fine
Chorus liners
Dance to show ‘em
Silly lines
Made up this poem.