Word of the Month invitation

BULLETIN: Hey kids! (I get to talk like that because it’s my blog.) If you want to know how Shakespeare felt when he got rejected, check out what I just posted at the bottom of the PARROTIES post of August 24.

Hi everyone,

Lately I’ve had some newcomers to my blog, thanks to the madness stirred up by Pat Lewis’s “PARROTIES” challenge. (FYI, Pat threatens to strike again before long with another newfangled form. I’ll wait a while because several poets are still concentrating on their parroties. But be watching for the next round one of these days soon.)

Anyway, it occurs to me that some of you might not be familiar with a standing challenge here that has been going on since October 2009. I issue a word at the beginning of every month to serve as inspiration for poems. The word for August was LINE. The new word goes up on September 1.

If you are unfamiliar with this exercise, click on ADULT W.O.M. POEMS in the box just to left along the top row of this page. That takes you to a brief explanation of how this works. To post a poem (no limit during the month), scroll to the box at the bottom, type or paste in your poem, and click submit. Presto! You can be assured of an appreciative reading audience.

If you are a student in school (or home schooled), your teacher can post your poem by clicking on the box in the upper right side of this page, YOUNG POET W.O.M. POEMS. I have two categories, one for students in grades 3-7 and one for students in grades 8-12. Your teacher needs to identify you by name, grade, school, town, and state, along with her/his name. Again, you’ll find that a lot of adult readers are eager to see what you’ve written and comment on what they enjoyed most about your writing.

I’v lost track of the numbers of poets and poems that have been posted on this monthly exercise in imagination. When we begin with a single word and think about it for a while, we appreciate how many stories reside inside it. Every month brings surprises as we read the work of poets who take the time to consider the word and let it take them on new adventures.

If you haven’t joined this monthly adventure before, or haven’t participated in a while, now is as good a time to get started as any. If you are new to writing poetry, fear not! The poems posted every month represent a range of experience from newbie to seasoned poet. You’ll be in with a totally forgiving, supportive crowd so you never need to worry. Besides, it’s fun to appear on a blog along with the occasional professional who drops by to pitch in a poem. It’s a nice way to practice. In my “yute” I played the trombone. I became pretty good at it, but that was because I practiced every night for a couple of hours. I think it’s the same with writing. The more we practice, the more comfortable we become using words as our instruments to play our tunes.

Word of the Month is all in fun and it gives us a reason to pick up a pencil on a regular basis.

As always, I look forward to reading the poems that will be posted in the coming month. I hope yours will be among them.