My lake is ugly

Hi everyone,

It’s that time of year when Goose Lake “turns over” and all the bottom bilge burps to the surface, giving it a baleful, acned glaze. Imagine our little lake’s embarrassment when swelling flocks of ducks and geese fly over, demonstrating their disdain by bombing liquid notices of distaste. I’m moved to write a sad, four line stanza to support Goose Lake during this most difficult time. One day the sun will shine again on its beautiful face, but this is a moment that calls for bravery!

David L. Harrison

Got the pond scum algae blues
So bad I could dry up and die,
Those birds were once my faithful friends,
But this ain’t mud in my eye.

You’re all invited to add your own soulful words of solace and encouragement. I’m sure such understanding will be appreciated at this emotional time!

P.S. Don’t forget that Goose Lake at her best is a sight to behold. You can download your copy of my e-book by that name or gift copies to others. Barnes & Noble for Nook; Amazon for Kindle; both have free apps for downloading onto your computer or reading devices.