Sunday Poets, W.O.M., and such

BULLETIN: You owe yourself a visit to Renee La Tulippe’s wonderful site at No Water River: . That busy Renee is celebrating THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY and featuring not one, not two, but four new videos of poets reading their poems from the book. The poets are Jane Yolen, Michael J. Rosen, Stephanie Calmenson, and Ken Slesarik. And of course Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell are there for an interview. This one is a real keeper. Way to go, Renee!

Hi everyone,

If you’re enjoying the Sunday Poets feature, please consider sharing one of your own poems on it. Just e-mail the poem to me, along with the links you want posted with it, and I’ll do the rest. Cutoff each week is Friday for poems to be posted that Sunday. Nothing to it!

Yesterday I spoke to seventy-five third grade students at Eugene Field Elementary School in Springfield. Several of the students had written poems inspired by this month’s Word of the Month: WEB. They were cute poems and I hope to see some of them posted this month for others to enjoy. It reminds me that even though we currently have no teachers posting poems by their students on Word of the Month, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t having fun in their classrooms watching what we do here and writing their own poems for the fun of it.

My thanks again to J. Patrick Lewis for his recent poetry challenges. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s never too late in Blogland. Here are the dates they were posted. August 24: Parroty; September 17: One Worder; October 18: Ionic a Minore. We’ve enjoyed all your comments and the many good examples of these challenges that have been posted so far. If you still want to add your talent to the pool, jump in by all means!


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