Caption that Cartoon Poll

ANNOUNCEMENT: Thanks for voting, folks. I’ll cut this off when I post something new in the morning. I’ve been in St. Charles, Missouri since Friday afternoon participating in the Missouri State Conference for SCBWI. Sandy and I just got home a few minutes ago.
ANNOUNCEMENT: You MUST go see what Renee La Tulippe has dreamed up this time. Believe it or not, she has actually interviewed none other than William Shakespeare! Barbara Walters, eat your heart out. Here’s the scoop.

David, I thought you might enjoy a bit of Macbeth today, and an interview with Shakespeare: . Renee

Hi everyone,

We had so many funny captions to Rob Shepperson’s drawing that I thought you might enjoy a run-off to see who likes what the most. No cash prizes or free cruises. Just a chance to review and chuckle. To keep it quick I chose only one by each person. I also left mine out. After all, I AM your host and manners are manners.

Vote. It’s the democratic way!

All you have to do is click on one of the circles and hit vote at the bottom. If you try this more than once, a little man inside the box who keeps track of cheaters and other offenders will leap out with a small ax and make many marks on the dust covering your screen. Don’t try to stop him; he’s a professional.

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