Win free e-books from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell

Hi everyone,

This just in from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell and I wanted to share it with you.


Will You Be a Winner on

Anyone who loves poetry and would like to win an e-­‐book! Do I need an e-­reader? No. If you win, you can download our e-­‐books on your computer or phone—or have us send your e-­‐book to a friend of yours as a gift.

Post a 12-­‐word comment at one of our blogs: the PoetryTagTime blog, the P*TAG blog, or the Gift Tag blog. Twelve words about poetry, favorite words from a poem, poets’names—any 12 words—andearn a chance to win the e-­‐book associated with that blog. How many winners will we have? 12/12/ (and) 12!

Post comments from now until 12/12/12 at noon.

The PoetryTagTime Blogs (see

Because poems make the best gifts!

4 comments on “Win free e-books from Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell

  1. Thank you, David, for spreading the word about our 12/12/12 giveaway. YES, that’s 36 e-books that we’ll be gifting on 12/12/12. We want people to see how easy it is to give (and receive) e-books as gifts.

    And speaking of great e-book gifts, I hear there’s that gorgeous book about Goose Lake . . . fabulous poems, rich and varied illustrations . . . one-click gift-giving without standing in department store and post office lines . . .

    • Hi Janet, and thanks for the plug! I recently lowered the price of Goose Lake to $1.99 in time for holiday shopping. Good luck to you and Sylvia. I’m pleased to be in your books!

    • Hey Janet,
      I’m looking for 12 ways to enter your contest. It certainly sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll just have to write 12, 12 word poems. Hmmmm, sounds like a plan.
      All the Pomelo books are fabulous, and GOOSE LAKE is a quacking great read.

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