Poetry workshop set

BULLETIN: Tomorrow SUNDAY POETS returns featuring three poems by Joy Acey. Don’t miss Joy!

Hi everyone,

The last piece has fallen into place for my poetry workshop at Honesdale, Pennsylvania next September 30-October 3. Three special guests will be joining me. On Tuesday, October 1, we’ll be treated to a Skype visit from U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate, J. Patrick Lewis. Pat will read from his work and respond to questions. On Wednesday, October 2, we’ll be joined by Rebecca Davis, poetry editor-at-large for Boyds Mills Press/Highlights. Rebecca will discuss what an editor looks for and suggest ways to make your manuscript more marketable. And on Thursday we’ll have a Skype visit from Renee LaTulippe, she of NO WATER RIVER fame. Here’s the link to her fabulous site. http://www.nowaterriver.com . Renee will help us all become better readers of our poetry.

Here’s the general description of the workshop. For more information, go to Highlights Foundation Workshops: http://www.highlightsfoundation.org .

Highlights Foundation
Poetry for the Delight of It

Workshop Description

Date: September 30 – October 3, 2013
Arrive Monday, September 30, at 3:P.M. for a tour of HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN and Boyds Mills Press. Ends Thursday, October 3, after lunch.

Designed For: From budding poet to published veteran, we learn and teach at every stage. If you like to think, talk, write, and share poetry, this one’s for you.

Group activities:
• Four key workshops:
o Conceiving ideas for poems
o Rough drafting
o Revising & Rewriting
o Tips on marketing
• Discuss and practice poetic techniques
• Verse and free verse: pros and cons
• Become better readers of our work
• Learn what to look for in good/bad poetry
• Become better critics of our work
• Meet and hear special guests

Individual activities will include time to:
• Practice writing what you’re learning
• Be still with your thoughts
• Start something new
• Meet one-on-one with your workshop leader
• Have your work critiqued by your workshop leader
• Fun, impromptu gatherings to share poems
• Chance to learn from others

What you will accomplish:
• Write poems
• Practice fundamental elements of poetry
• Return home excited about the new poems you will write

What we will accomplish:
• Make you a better poet
• Create a community of poets

If you’re interested in being part of the workshop or know others who might be, I hope you/they will get in touch with the Foundation fairly soon. I prefer not to work with large groups and will probably stop taking applications when I “feel full.”