A new poem

Hi everyone,

Here’s a poem that began in my head one day while we were walking a beach on the Oregon coast. The second and third pictures are provided by my son Jeff Harrison.

One Day at the Beach
By David L. Harrison
Cannon Beach, Thanksgiving 2012 063
You should have seen it,
rising up,
as though from some long-buried
subterranean harbor,
to breach the sandy surface!

A vast, barnacle-coated vessel
stonily at anchor,
recognizable only to me,
the master of decoding disguises.

Where Jolly Roger might once have grinned,
I heard wind sighing across the sea,
or ghosts singing salty chanteys,
beckoning me,
“Join the brotherhood.
We’re away on the darkling tide.”
David on rock 1
Shanghaied by desire,
I scaled the sloop’s rocky hull
and took my seat in the captain’s chair.
David on rock 5
“I’m ready,” I whispered
to the ghosts in the wind,
and then I yelled again,
”I’m ready!”