Sea wall at the lake

Hi everyone,

I didn’t intend to leave “One Day at the Beach” up so long. We’re having work done along our lake shore, removing some of the large boulders that formed the original sea wall to make way for terracing and a series of three retaining walls that will step the yard down to the water’s edge. 1
During the process of scooping up the boulders, the crane bucket dug up our phone line and snapped it. We were without Internet and phone service from Wednesday afternoon through yesterday afternoon. Boy, talk about roughing it! Now I know how the pioneers felt!

If you haven’t visited Renee LaTulippe’s No Water River lately, she gave my poetry workshop a nice plug and, as always, did it right. Here’s her link. .

Belated thanks to Steven Withrow for his ekphrastic poetry challenge and the spirited response it stimulated. If anyone else has a favorite form to challenge us, get in touch.