Counting down the hours

Hi everyone,

Here we are in the final day of this eventful year. I hope you’re all bug-free and looking forward to ringing out the old and singing in the new. If anyone has a poem to share to mark the occasion, I’ll be glad to post it for you.

Party safely. I look forward to 2013 and it’s own brand of surprises and challenges. Here’s to you.

Okay! Thanks to Jane Heitman we have a New Year poem! With my thanks to you, Jane, here’s your poem.

Ways to Welcome a New Year

On the stroke of midnight,
that gasp between
2012 and 2013,
throw open the doors and shout!
Let one year in and the other out.

When twelve o’clock strikes,
And a new year starts
Enflame the ardor of our hearts
With kisses for those most dear
To ensure a loving year.

Before the old year dashes,
On December thirty-first,
To prevent financial curse
We fill our pantries, pay our bills,
Carry lentils, mend our ills.

On the first day of the year,
For luck the whole year through,
Wear clothing that is new.
Eat certain foods. This is a key–
Fill your plate with black-eyed peas.

As we flip the calendar page
From one year to the next
We hope for good effects
By trying out some superstitions
And carefully keeping our traditions.

Happy New Year!
(c2012, Jane Heitman Healy, all rights reserved)

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8 comments on “Counting down the hours

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  3. ‘opening the door’ to a new year is just what we all are doing, & celebrating too. I love the superstitions that have been passed on. Where did those black-eyed peas as good omens begin? And, David, thank you for accepting me into your autumn writing group. I am thrilled to think of it! Happy New Year!

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