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David on rock 5

Hi everyone,

Blogs are more fun than websites, I know. I’m proud of my website, which was designed and is maintained by Kathy Temean, but even I don’t go to my website as often as I drop by my blog to see what readers might have to say that day. A blog is a living thing compared to the trophy room of a website.

Nevertheless, the website is there to provide information about the author for those who might have an interest. It’s like setting up your own card table at a festival signing where each author vies for the attention of the patrons already burdened by sagging book bags, picking up this title or that, flipping through a couple of pages before deciding whether to invest or move on.

Each of us wants to have a card table that attracts attention and Kathy did a really nice job decorating mine. I couldn’t have done it and I’m grateful to her. Now and then I have a new title come out, or maybe I’m lucky enough to receive some attention for one book or another, so I tell Kathy and she moves things around on the table to accommodate the latest addition.

If you haven’t checked out my website lately, I would be pleased if you decide to pay it a visit. If not for me, at least think of Kathy. What about HER feelings? I think more than 160 people have signed my guest book now. If you’ve never done that, feel free to add that to your New Year’s resolutions.



7 comments on “Please sign my guest book

    • Wouldn’t you know it; somebody finally bakes me cookies and I forget to tell them where I live. I bet they were good cookies too. Sigh. As they say, it’s not the thought that counts. It’s the cookies. Oh well, thanks anyway, Renee!!


  1. I recently created my first blog, and I’m enjoying exploring the world of blogdoom. My 5-year-old says “The Book of Giant Stories” is “the best book written by anybody ever.” He’s a smart little boy!

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