Don’t forget Word of the Month

Hi everyone,

Over the past several weeks we’ve greeted a number of first time or infrequent visitors and I’ve been remiss in saying how much I appreciate the company.

It occurs to me that some of you may not know what I mean when I refer to Word of the Month. This began in 2009 as a monthly challenge to stretch our imaginations by starting with a single word and letting it inspire us to write a poem. On the first day of each month I post the word for that month. You can find it by clicking on either of the two boxes above this post marked ADULT W.O.M. POEMS or YOUNG W.O.M. POEMS. This month’s word is TRANSPORT and was suggested by one of our regular poets, Jane Heitman. On the first of February I’ll post a new word, this one provided by Steven Withrow.

Over the years these one-word challenges have stimulated hundreds of poems. I’ve lost count of how many. It’s a good exercise and one that I highly recommend to teachers for their students. Lately we’ve had no student entries but in the past a good many schools have participated. Maybe we’ll start enjoying the efforts of more students before long. I hope so!

Anyway, if you haven’t joined the monthly Word of the Month fun, it’s always open and you can count on the support of others who contribute their own efforts or simply read the growing collection of poems for the pleasure of it.

Hope to see you soon on Word of the Month.



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