You’re invited to a launch party

Hi everyone,

Some of you live thousands of miles away but some live close enough that you might consider dropping by. Here’s the invitation that went out today for our launch party for LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON.


Where? Drury’s Lay Hall

When? Thursday, April 11, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

What? Read on!

Invitation to Book Launch

David Harrison and Laurie Edmondson invite you to our launch party for a unique new teaching tool: LET’S WRITE THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON.

A two-year collaboration involving David (Drury’s poet laureate), Laurie (Interim Director of the School of Education and Child Development), and Drury has resulted in the educational kit we’re celebrating.

The kit includes twenty DVD sessions, produced by Brian Shipman, of David presenting writing tips to grade school students. These are practical tips based on more than forty years of working with students and teachers in classrooms across the country. Laurie and David wrote a teachers’ guide and student writing journal that support the DVD lessons. These tools stimulate interest in topics that include finding ideas, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and rewriting. Laurie will also teach an online graduate course for teachers who decide to take LET’S WRITE for credit.

LET’S WRITE will be introduced at the International Reading Association’s annual conference in San Antonio beginning April 19. Our publisher’s goal is to begin at once to place the kit into elementary schools in the United States and abroad, particularly in grades 3-5. In her foreword to the book, Ruth Culham (of 6 +1 Traits of Writing fame) says, “There is nothing else like it in today’s teaching world – featuring tips, lessons, and ideas galore.” Laura Robb writes, “This is a must-have series . . . for teachers and students!”

Please help us celebrate the launching of this exciting, one-of-a-kind product! If you think of others we should invite, please let us know or share this information with them. We’ll show you the elements of the kit, play some the DVD sessions, and respond to questions about the kit, how to use it, and how to acquire it. We’ve had fun making LET’S WRITE. Now it’s time to have fun introducing it to the Springfield area.

Please mark your calendar now and plan to join us!

David and Laurie

13 comments on “You’re invited to a launch party

    • Thanks, Susan. It does seem like a long time ago. We started talks about the project in August, 2010. My file for LET’S WRITE has 2,000 e-mails in it. But at last the time is here and we’ll find out if we’ve done anything that anyone cares about!

    • Matt, that helps a lot! Thank you for being with us in spirit. I’ll count you as one who attended! David

  1. Best of luck, David! What you have described sounds phenomenal…I love that it is geared to elementary kids…they have so many stories to tell…you will be giving them the tools to do that successfully. 🙂
    I do school visits to kindergarteners…and this year I have been sharing story-boarding with them…we read a picture book (for example, Knufflebunny) and talk about it and how the author and illustrator often use a story board to map out the book. Then the kids have a chance to make their own ‘abbreviated’ story board with three sections…beginning, middle and end. The kids love it…and so do the teachers. 🙂

    • Thank you, Vivian,
      Our hopes are high that teachers will discover this new teaching tool and bring it into their classrooms. It’s somewhat expensive so it may take a while for budgets to make room for it, but we don’t mind giving it time. You school visits sound neat!

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