Special guest Anne Cox

REMINDER: Please go on having fun with “In the lives of . . . ” Today we have a new subject to present: Anne Cox.

Hi, everyone,

My guest today is multitalented Anne Cox, who begins by saying, “Drawing is my discipline and painting is my play.” I looked at many of her drawings and they are wonderful. Anne CoxBut this introduction only scratches the surface. Anne writes books too. And she teaches and practices yoga. She writes poetry. And she is seeking a way to bring together her passions for yoga, writing, and painting. Take a look at Anne’s website ( http://annecox.com  ) to become better acquainted with her work and philosophy.
Anne Cox paints murals as large as eighteen feet. The butterfly picture I’m showing you is just a small section of one of those murals. The scene itself is so enormous I think you could illustrate an entire book from various parts of it.

Art, in its many forms, plays a central role in Anne’s life. “I have been co-owner of several galleries and studios and a member of drawing groups,” she says. “I have shown and sold work in many venues and taught art classes from grade school to college levels as well as private lessons and workshops in Missouri.”

Anne and I met the other day and she loaned me some prints, samples of her writing, and the charming book she published to help children understand and enjoy yoga. Anne loves yoga and loves teaching it. She is an instructor but intends to do the additional study and work it takes to reach a higher level.
Book Cover
This I discovered about Anne Cox: she is not a talker; she is a doer. “I earned my 200 Hour. RYT in 2011,” she told me. “I am presently working on 500 Hour. RYT with emphasis on teaching yoga to children. I wrote and illustrated ‘I Am A Yogi’ in 2011-12, while teaching public classes in core, basic, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow, and children’s yoga on a regular basis. I have personally practiced yoga for over 15 years.”

This busy, creative woman has also held a variety of other positions of responsibility. She served Halls on the Plaza of Kansas City as manager of the jewelry department and was promoted to manager of women’s clothes for Halls in the Crown Center. I don’t know where she gets all her energy, but I’m glad she does!

As you enjoy these samples of Anne’s work, you can learn more about the artist and the woman through her own thoughts, poetically expressed.
Dogs“Virtually all my life, my favorite times have been spent with kids. My first jobs, during the summers and after college graduation,

I was a camp counselor, swimming instructor and YWCA Youth Director. When I’m with my grandchildren, I seem to turn activities

into lessons, as I did when rearing my two sons. I find myself in teaching mode as they are pure inspiration to me. I want children to

have the necessary equipment and tools at their disposal as they navigate through this wonderful adventure called life. I wish I had

known the ancient art of yoga when I was young. The benefits are numerous and subtle, and the practice strengthening and body

building. Yoga is literally at our fingertips. We can do it anywhere and at any time, as so much of it concerns how we breathe and

think. Yoga is prevention of malady and disease and teaches us to be kind to ourselves and others and the world in which we live.

It doesn’t require expensive lessons, or equipment or outfits and is not competitive.

Yoga is quiet and respectful and can be learned at a very early age. In fact, it is quite natural for everyone, especially babies. At

some point, we forget how to fully breathe. We forget to take time, when we need it, to rejuvenate and reflect, so we lose ourselves

in un-healthy habits. This is why my passion is to teach yoga to kids.”

Anne, thank you for being my guest today. I also want to express my gratitude for your support of Writers Hall of Fame. Your generosity goes a long way toward funding a scholarship for a college bound senior with an interest in becoming a writer.


12 comments on “Special guest Anne Cox

    • Hi David, I’m so excited about this venture on your blog! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I feel like a very little fish in a very big pond! Anne Cox

  1. What a beautiful picture. I can’t imagine the patience needed to complete such a work. And yoga too what a lovely combination.

    • Hi, Catherine,
      I agree. And some of Anne’s murals are huge! I don’t know how one even approaches such a project.

    • Hi Catherine, I love the combination of yoga, art and writing and hope to introduce outlets such as these to children. Result? Perhaps they can ground themselves, reflect and create. Thank you for your complimentary comments. Anne

    • Jane, If you live in Springfield, take a little trip to Cox South West Pavilion. The butterfly mural is on display there. I’m presently working on dancing figures with masks. The beginnings of it are on my website. I work on it when the mood strikes me and I hope to use images from it to illustrate a children’s book.

  2. Beautiful work, all you shared & on Anne’s website. I love the ‘welcome’ paintings shared. Great to hear about someone who appears to practice what she preaches!

  3. Hi David, It is an honor to be featured on your blog. The exposure is phenomenal!
    I’m loving searching around and discovering new venues. (I’ve been sick with laryngitis and haven’t been able to touch base.) Thank you. Anne

  4. I enjoyed reading your feature about Anne. She is a person with many gifts and talents and an inspiration to many including myself.

  5. I appreciate all these good comments and thank you for them. Anne is easy to talk to and the more you do the more of her talents you discover. Glad you came by to meet Anne or to learn more about her.

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