Need a word for May

BULLETIN: That Renee has done it again. For a fine interview of Joyce Sidman, visit Renee LaTulippe today at No Water River. Click here: .

Hi everyone,

Here we are with only a few days left in this confused month of April. Next week I’ll post the Word of the Month word for May. I’m taking suggestions today for what the word will be. Post your word in the comments below and I’ll choose one for May.

Until then, enjoy the final days of Poetry Month. If you haven’t posted a poem yet for April, there’s still time. Remember, the word is FRAGRANCE.


12 comments on “Need a word for May

    • B.J., I didn’t know that was a word in English. In Italian, the word for a small wood is “bosco” and berries are called “frutti di bosco” (wood fruits). Such an evocative word!

  1. Thanks for linking to my interview with Joyce! She’s an inspiration.

    Hm, I like all the suggestions so far. I’m actually going to try to write my first POM this month, so go easy on me. The coming summer makes me think of all the festive striped umbrellas and colors on the beach and outdoor cafes, so maybe “awning.”

  2. Good heavens, friends! You are suggesting enough great words to last well into the year. And so it shall be. We’ll try them all, with my thanks to each of you. Renee, I look forward to having you join the fun.

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