Poetry word list challenge

Hi everyone,

I recently finished 96 poems, each of which demonstrates a different sound (phoneme) that children learn in the process of becoming readers. The five books, called LEARNING THROUGH POETRY and co-written with Mary Jo Fresch, a professor at Ohio University, are published by Shell Education. In each case I began with a list of words that featured the subject sound and looked for something to write about that would use as many as possible of those words. I thought that some of you might like to try it too. Here is a word list that features the blended sound CR. I’ll keep this posted for a while and then show you what I wrote based on this list. Your target audience is preK-2. This also makes a great exercise for teachers and students in the classroom.

crab, crack, cracker, cradle, craft, crane, crash, crave, crawfish, crawl, crayon, crazy, credit, creek, creep, crib, cricket, cried, critter, croak, crocodile, crook, croon, crop, cross, crow, crowd, crown, crumb, crunch, crust, cry.


36 comments on “Poetry word list challenge

      • Yeah! So, you’re still checking like I am. Well, no one could check as much as I do, but I have several out there in e-land, so it’s exciting when different titles sell.

      • My gosh, if I had more than one of these things I would NEVER get any work done!

  1. “Do you crave a crusty cracker?” croaked the crab?
    “Are you craven, scared, and sorry?” (What a jab!)
    The crayfish seemed quite wary
    Cause the food looked sharp and scary.
    “Am I crackers?” as he crawled out for a grab.

    ©2013 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Hi, Jeanne.
      Many thanks for the poem, complete with photograph. Well worth the trip to your place to see them!

  2. Crowd of crawdads crawl in creek,
    waving claws that pinch and crunch,
    bashing, crashing as they creep;
    ‘til flock of crows flies to creek–
    crazy critters croon and cry,
    craving crawdads, fill their beaks.

    • All taken care of, Buffy. Good heavens! crowd, crawdads, crawl, creek, crunch, crashing, creep, crows, crazy, critters, croon, cry, craving = 13! A new world record! And such a fun story. Thanks.

  3. Crop critter crooned while crocodile crept.
    Crook cross with crow below
    cracked a crazy crab crust
    and cried.

    • Good morning, Catherine, and many thanks for pitching in. Let’s see: crop, critter, crooned, crocodile, crept, crook, cross, crow, cracked, crazy, crab, crust, cried = 13. We have a tie!

      • I’d be in stitches trying to learn this. Actually wouldn’t it be fun to get the kids to say it out loud like Peter Piper. I might try that!

  4. Ok-here’s mine, David. What a challenge this was. And you did many, right?

    In that cradle of my dreams lives a crafty crowd;
    the habitat is Crazy Creek, and all the sounds are loud.
    I hear the croak and croon and crunch.
    The critters crash and crave their lunch.
    The crow, I know, cries “tasty crumbs”; the crocodile, who creeps and shops,
    and crane flies in to catch his due, to crack the crawfish crop.
    In my dream, my crayon moves, to cross the page with color.
    I want to craft a drawing of this creek that’s like no other.
    ©Linda Baie, 2013

  5. Here’s my CR poem as it appears in the LEARNING THROUGH POETRY book, “Consonant Blends and Digraphs.”

    Croc and Cricket

    A crocodile and a cricket
    Fell in love.
    He crooned, “I’m crazy about you,

    The cricket cried, “I’m lucky
    That we met!
    I wuv you more than cracker
    Crumbs, my pet.”

    “I wuv you more than crabs,”
    Her lover cooed.
    She said, “My darling, eating
    Critters is rude.”

    But snooky-wookums,” he said,
    “I crave my meat!”
    She whispered, “Honey-bunny,
    You’re so sweet.”

    He croaked, “No crow or crane
    To crunch and crack?”
    “Not even,” she said, “a crispy
    Crawfish snack.”

    To give the croc credit,
    He didn’t fight
    But he did insist on ice cream
    Every night.

  6. Here is my attempt at this lovely poetry challenge. And as one of your editors on this project, it was wildly fun to experience the process you went through to create the imaginative poems that went into your amazing new series! However I’m certainly glad that I didn’t have to write 96 of them.
    While others played with outdoor critters so fitting for the CR blend, my son provided inspiration for this one!

    A crabby toddler crawled out of his crib early Sunday morn.
    This story is true—I do not fib—confessions of a mom who’s worn.

    My darling son craved a cracker to the kitchen he did creep,
    Past our room and down the stairs while were fast asleep.

    The cracker he did crunch and munch, leaving crumbs in a trail,
    While creeping toward the living room and his crayons in a pail.

    A crazy craft he did create to make his parents proud,
    But as soon as we awoke that morn, “Not on the walls” we cried out loud!

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    MAY 2013
    By Janet Kay Gallagher

    I cross the crunchy crackers off the shopping list
    We need bread crumbs for the eggplant crust
    No crabs, crawfish, or crawling, creeping critters
    For our crowd

    This family craves, croons, crows and cry with joy
    When we dish up the crop from the garden
    I brought in thirty-four ears from the corn crib
    Cook the corn and green beans so they have a fresh crunch

    I will crack a smile and take credit
    For the BBQ Brisket and homemade Biscuits
    Big families are fun, crazy and crafty
    But they sure leave lots of crumbs and crayon marks

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