A nice day for a time capsule

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a day yesterday as beautiful as we had in Springfield. crowd2I spent part of it in Phelps Grove Park, a lovely park where our family often went to relax and picnic when I was a child.Cave Detectives and other items
Items that were going into the 100-year time capsule were displayed on half a dozen tables. They included pictures, magazines, scrapbooks, ball caps, a horseshoe, and other items relevant to the various parks in the system. Glad they didn't put me in too My book was relevant because Riverbluff Cave is part of the system.Vault ready for ceremony
I saw lots of old friends yesterday, including Virginia Gleason, former director for children’s books for Springfield-Greene County Library District. Many others too. It was a pleasant time.
Tightening lid on capsule
After several presentations about the history of our park system during the past 100 years, the time capsule was duly buried. I took a few shots to share.