Poetry word list challenge

Hi everyone,

We recently played a game based on the approach I used to write poems for LEARNING THROUGH POETRY, the series of books co-written with Mary Jo Fresch and published by Shell Education. Each poem demonstrates a different sound (phoneme) that children learn in the process of becoming readers. In each case I began with a list of words that featured the subject sound and looked for something to write about that would use as many as possible of those words.

A number of you pitched in a poem or two inspired by the same word list I used and it was fun to see the diversity of expression that came from the exercise. You also said you’d like to try this again so here’s another list of words to get the juices flowing.

This list features the rime sound ATE. I’ll keep this posted for a while and then show you what I wrote based on this list. Remember that your target audience is preK-2. Start your engines.

Bait, celebrate, crate, date, eight, fate, freight, gait, gate, grate, great, hate, Kate, late, mate, Nate, plate, rate, skate, slate, state, straight, trait, wait, weight, and many more that you can think of.


4 comments on “Poetry word list challenge

  1. Hey, Kate
    let’s celebrate
    it’s early morning
    not yet eight
    get some breakfast
    on your plate
    and then
    (that means think)
    What would make today
    feel great?

    Would you like to
    Roller skate?
    Paint a gate?
    Find some worms for
    Fishing bait?

    Hey, Nate
    Let’s celebrate
    It’s early morning
    Not yet eight
    Get some breakfast
    On your plate
    And then contemplate,
    (that means think)
    What would make today
    feel great?

    Would you like to
    Lift a weight?
    Slide home plate?
    Build a racecar
    From a crate?

    Come on mates,
    The day awaits
    And now’s the time
    To celebrate!
    Don’t make me wait,
    Let’s celebrate!
    It’s late,
    It’s late,
    It’s late!!!

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