Taking a little break

BULLETIN: Stop what you’re doing and go do this: http://www.nowaterriver.com/poetry-friday-poems-from-the-writers-renaissance-florence-italy . Renee LaTulippe has presented us with yet another wonderful experience, including our friends Julie Hedlund, Cory Corrado, and others at Julie’s recent Writers’ Renaissance workshop in Italy!

Hi everyone,

I need to break away for a while to catch up with and/or meet various deadlines. I hope to see more WORD OF THE MONTH and THEME OF THE MONTH poems come in. If you haven’t joined in yet, there’s still time. Remember that the word is fog (thanks to Mary Nida Smith) and the theme is fishing (thanks to Don Barrett).

I’ll be around and will chime in when I can. I’ll also announce the new theme for June. I already gave you the words for the next several months but here they are again.

June’s word, provided by Jeanne Poland, is HARRUMPH.
July’s word, provided by Don Barrett, is BOWL.
August’s word, provided by Linda Baie, is TRAIN.
September’s word, provided by B. J. Lee, is BOSK.
October’s word, provided by Deborah Holt Williams, is MAY.
November’s word, provided by Renee LaTulippe, is AWNING.

For anyone traveling, be safe.


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