Word of the Month and Theme of the Month for June

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience while I attend to some work that has to be done. I’ll be back presently. For now, though, I thank everyone for joining me in May to celebrate our first ever theme of the month, which was FISHING. We also had a bumper crop of poems and comments based on the word of the month — FOG. My thanks to Don Barrett and Mary Nida Smith, respectively, for supplying them.

Now it’s time to turn another page in the calendar and take on June, the last month of the first half of 2013. I can’t imagine how we got so far into the year already!

The word for June, thanks to Jeanne Poland, is HARRUMPH.

The theme, thanks to Linda Baie, is FOOD, which can include various aspects of it, such as preparation.

So there you have it. Good luck everyone. Welcome to newcomers who join us along the way and thanks to all who make this blog a comfortable place to write and talk about your work.


2 comments on “Word of the Month and Theme of the Month for June

  1. Good morning, Linda,
    I’m sure we’ll get a lot of laughs with harrumph and all sorts of tasty dishes from your theme as well! Thanks for suggesting it.

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