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REMINDER: Please keep Barbara Robinson in your thoughts and prayers. Her daughters want everyone to know how much your comments and good memories mean to Barbara. They read them aloud and they lift Barbara’s spirits. Thanks to all.

Hi everyone,

A reminder that the word of the month for June, thanks to Jeanne Poland, is HARRUMPH.

The theme of the month, thanks to Linda Baie, is FOOD, which can include various aspects of it, such as preparation.

If you haven’t played with us before, Word of the Month has its own boxes, one for adults and one for students. You can click in the right area and post your poem.

However, we don’t have a specific place for Poetry Theme of the Month so until/unless we do I’ll designate an “official” post each month and you can post your work and comments there.

For this month let’s use today’s post as the official place. Let the good times roll. Here’s one to get things started.

Learn to Cook
David L. Harrison

Daddy taught me how to cook
The only things he knew:
Butter sugar sandwiches,
A can of oyster stew.

He made his special recipes
At times when Mom was sick.
She always said, “I’m better now,
Your cooking did the trick.”

So now I live on sandwiches
As I was taught me to do,
Until the weekend rolls around
And then it’s oyster stew.

I hope you’ll learn a fancier dish,
Like quail or honeyed plover
With muffins, beans, and apple sauce –
And please invite me over!