Word of the Month for July is . . .

BULLETIN: My mistake about the July Word of the Month word. Don Barrett already supplied the word, which is BOWL. Thanks to Cory Corrado for reminding me of my error. I’ve been on the road all day so just now am able to set the record straight. In the meantime, J. Patrick Lewis supplied us with a freedom inspired, powerful poem. So my error resulted in a gem that we might not have enjoyed otherwise. Good for me! Good for Cory. Good for Pat!

Hi everyone,

I’m on the road tomorrow so here’s the Word of the Month for July one day early. It’s FREEDOM. Let’s see how many ways you can be inspired by this one word. I’m eager to find out.

And don’t forget about our Poetry Theme of the Month for July: RELATIVES.

Lots of great material in these two words!


6 comments on “Word of the Month for July is . . .

  1. Ballad for Martin Luther King

    Ten thousands join ten thousands
    Without goading police.
    The singers sing, their anthems ring,
    The speakers speak their peace.

    Around the world astonishment—
    The ceremonies heard
    Or seen on every continent,
    And still to come: The Word.

    Spectators waving handkerchiefs,
    Small children, hearts to seize,
    Will tell it taller years from now,
    Grandchildren at their knees.

    Blue sunshine worships morning,
    No cloud will dare to rain
    For in his jacket mercy
    And in his pocket pain.

    Equality his brother
    And sisterhood his pride
    Meet common sense, nonviolence,
    The means he’s deified.

    The afternoon is dying down,
    The Reverend takes the stage.
    George Washington spreads out the book,
    Abe Lincoln turns the page.

    He reads his notes religiously,
    An old familiar theme.
    “But please, Martin,” Mahalia yells,
    “Tell ‘em about the dream!”

    And first he puts away his speech
    Then sweeps away the crowd:
    The memory of his remarks
    Peals like a thundercloud.

    “The content of our character”
    Personifies a sage.
    That day in 1963
    Belongs to every age.

    J. Patrick Lewis

    • Dear Pat,

      What a glorious way to usher in the spirit of this important month. My thanks for sharing. I hope you’ll allow me to re-post it again on July 4.


  2. Thank you, David. So sorry I intruded upon “bowl.” My only excuse is that I was unaware that word had been chosen. I would love to have the poem reappear on
    July 4th!

    • A visit from you is never an intrusion, my friend. The mix-up was mine anyway. Thank you for permission to re-post on July 4.


    • Jeanne, we’re headed out the door but I’ll visit your delightful site later today when we reach our destination. David

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