Writers Workshop

BULLETIN: Our new national Children’s Poet Laureate, Kenn Nesbitt, has created a blog called Poetry Minute. His plan is to post a poem each day. He began posting in September. One of my poems is featured today so my thanks to Kenn. If you haven’t visited the site yet, here’s the link. http://www.poetryminute.org .

Hi everyone,

I’ve told you about the upcoming Writers Workshop in Springfield on October 12 but fellow Writers Hall of Fame board member Maryann Wakefield has also posted information about the event on her blog. Here’s her link. You might also enjoy her reports on her upcoming novel, A GENTLE SUN COMING, which is slated for a January release. http://maryannwakefield.com .

This picture was taken by our son Jeff when we were in Portland recently. Jeff packed a tasty picnic lunch and we sat under the trees in the Willamette Valley at Montinore Winery to enjoy the beautiful scenery on a fine day. Great wine too! That’s my M.O.W. next to me, otherwise known as Sandy, aka She Who Must Be Obeyed.
Picnic at Montinori
Why is it that my eyebrows have gone white? I don’t get it. I can live with the white hair but in a picture I look more and more like a cornered raccoon. This week I’m going to my photographer friend, Mike Goodwin, and have a new picture taken to replace the one I’ve been using for far too long. I’ll probably weaken at the last minute and beg Sandy to touch up the eyebrows so people will know that I have some.

Enough true confessions. Back into the wheel.


4 comments on “Writers Workshop

    • Thank you, Renee! I feel better.

      The cow was so funny. I didn’t see a for sale sign anywhere and they didn’t have any others inside. Too bad!

  1. Hi,
    Maryann Wakefield has the writer’s Workshop listed as 9 Sept 2013 on her site.

    I am sure Sandy can make the eyebrows a little darker but not real dark, You want them to be seen from the back of the room but not jump out at you close up.

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