Next year’s poetry workshop guests

Hi everyone,

Once again I want to thank J. Patrick Lewis and Renee La Tulippe for being my special Skype guests during the Poetry for the Delight of It workshop and to poetry editor Rebecca Davis for making a personal appearance at The Barn and giving a presentation on what an editor looks for in poetry.

Next year’s workshop has now been set for September 29-October 2 and I’m delighted to announce that my Skype guests will be Jane Yolen
Jane at Direlton Castle 2010
and Kenn Nesbitt
Kenn Nesbitt Kenn, as you know, followed Pat Lewis as the National Children’s Poet Laueate. Jane is, well, Jane!

In addition, Rebecca Davis has kindly accepted my invitation to return to make another presentation. rebecca-davis

The program isn’t quite completed yet. I expect to have a segment on performance poetry but don’t have all the pieces in place. I’m still waiting on this year’s valuations to see if I need to add other segments.

As before, my cutoff number is fifteen. I hope to see the quota reached early, maybe by the end of this year, and am aware of some who have already indicated their intentions to register. I hope you’ll let others who might be interested know about the date and guests.


10 comments on “Next year’s poetry workshop guests

    • Good morning, Dear Joy, and thank you. Thank you for being part of it and for all you do/did to keep things fun and lively. You are much appreciated!

  1. Now that you know the #15 is manageable, how about 2 workshops back to back , one with newcomers and another to follow with returnees.
    Having taught over 200 a day high school students for 33 straight years, I warn against overcrowding the creative process.
    Jeanne Poland

    • Ack! You’re scaring me, Jeanne! I happen to know that teachers aren’t real people like the rest of us. They come from some super race with the endurance to teach 200 kids for 33 years. Me? 15 per year is the best I can muster. Whew. Back-to-back? Whew. Wow!

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