Next year’s workshop

Hi everyone,

The profile of next year’s poetry workshop at the Barn can now be found on the Highlights Foundation Workshop schedule. It is a work in progress and I want to quickly clarify a couple of things.

I am the only faculty member. Rebecca Davis, I’m delighted to say, is my special guest for one of the sessions. I have two guests who will ONLY appear via Skype. They are Kenn Nesbitt and Jane Yolen. So far Kenn’s picture and bio are up but Jane’s are not. That will all be corrected shortly.

Lastly, I have not finished the agenda for the 2014 event but hope to get back to it shortly. I’m calling it by the same title, POETRY FOR THE DELIGHT OF IT, because I can’t think of a title that I think represents my kind of workshop any better. For obvious reasons, some of the same general topics are presented and discussed each year, but they never come up quite the same way and every year we gain new insight from our shared conversations.

Three-time attenders — Cory Corrado, Joy Acey, and Jeanne Poland — may tell you, if you wish to ask them, that each year takes on its own character as a result of the group dynamics. No matter where I think I’m headed with a given topic, something new and energizing invariably comes up, quite often because of the poets in attendance.

If you have further questions, I’ll answer them or you can contact Jo Lloyd directly at .

As of today I know of seven people who have registered for 2014 or said they might. We’re almost halfway there and I’m excited and pleased!


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