My December W.O.M. poem

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sorry about leaving the poem up so long. Like many of you, I have some shopping still to do! More soon.

Hi everyone,

Here’s my poem inspired by the month’s word: BREATH.

Breath of a Cat
by David L. Harrison

In first light
shapeless blobs
emerge as shrubs,
wrought iron shadows
as tables,

A round stone
below the feeder
is not a stone.

The breath of a cat
is silent as time,
quiet as blood warming veins,
still as bird smell on grass.

First birds stir,
begin to gather.
The stone waits.

is reserved
for success.

8 comments on “My December W.O.M. poem

    • Good morning, Karen. I’m glad to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I’m glad you like the cat poem. I watched the cat for a while a couple of days ago, just as I described it. I doubt that it had an occasion to purr that morning, but I’ve seen the effort many times. Once in a while I find feathers and figure that it was a purring kind of day for the cat.

    • Greetings, Jeanne! A pregnant moment indeed! I’m on the side of the birds but it’s fascinating to watch a true hunter at work.

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