Good intentions for 2014?

Hi everyone,

Counting down the days. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Let’s here them. We ought to have a good list with everyone’s help.

Four of mine:
1) Get back to the gym FAR more often.
2) Place at least one new picture book.
3) Place at least one new trade book poetry collection.
4) Place at least one new book with an educational publisher.

12 comments on “Good intentions for 2014?

  1. Goal # 1–Sleuth’s Ink Mystery Writers and Ozarks Romance Writers are having a joint write-in on 4 January at The Creamery in Springfield. This is a kick-start for our Jano write 50,000 words in January 2014. I got the 50,108 words in 2012 missed it in 2013 so I am planning to get it in 2014. Goal # 2—I want to publish a book in 2014.
    Goal # 3—I want to see our writing group in Marshfield, The Quill and Ink Club grow and see others in our group published in 2014.
    Goal # 4—Get wonderful prizes to give at our JANO Party in early February, for our many participants. HINT HINT Forgot date either 1 or 8 Feb. 2014
    Happy New Year to ALL Of YOU!

    • Sometimes that’s the best place to be. Glad you’re into taking chances, such as manicures and pedicures. Way to go!

  2. Hi David! I always have good intentions, and will be doing more teaching trips this coming year. I’ll see you in early February here in Denver! Personal goals are to be more intentional with my writing. In December it truly took a backseat-still doing some, but not very focused. I’ll find time, create the habit & get going! Thanks for asking! Happy New Year!

  3. Hi David,
    Great post! Here are my writerly intentions for 2014:

    – Succeed in chapter book 12×12 challenge
    – Succeed in short story 12×12 challenge
    – Bond well with my new online critique group
    – Sell my chapter book ms HOME BEFORE DARK and a possible series based on it
    – Create more ebooks out of my old stories, to be sold at Amazon
    – Offer 2 more courses at
    – Develop a vibrant author platform online, by frequently participating in online writing forums and regularly updating my blog.
    – Set up a monthly children’s writers’ meet using, to discuss craft, market and crib about the loneliness and long hours of a fiction writer 🙂
    – Do more library readings and school visits at underprivileged schools
    – Plan and execute at least two writing retreats for children’s writers

    Well those are the Top 10, anyway :).

    Radhika Meganathan
    Children’s/YA Author, India

    • Wow! That’s some list! You sure that’s not a two or three year supply? Thanks for sharing your ambitious plans for 2014!

  4. -Writing a poem (no matter how good or bad) each day.
    -Introducing my son, who will be one year old this summer, to growing things (fruit, veggies, flowers) either through container gardening or a plot in a community garden.
    -Signing up my son for baby/toddler classes (swimming, music).
    -Attending 2014 Manchester Children’s Book Festival in England (and hopefully doing some school visits while there).
    -Breaking in to giving poetry workshops at schools and libraries. (I already have two lined up at a girls’ private school in late January. )

    • Dear Carol-Ann,
      You always make good plans and work your plans. I have no doubt that you will achieve everything on your list. Good luck and best wishes for 2014!

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