Year-end wrap-up

Hi everyone,
David on rock 1
For those of you who blog, you’re probably receiving an annual report on how your blog performed during 2013. Here are a few tidbits from mine. I know that there are many blogs that are more active than mine, more professionally done than mine, and draw far more visitors than mine. Still, this one suits me and I have no aspirations to make fundamental changes for 2014. There are times when I scarcely have time to post at all but those of you who regularly drop by to see what’s up are a forgiving group and graciously allow me to sit in the corner for a while to catch up on other obligations. I thank you for your understanding and I thank you for visiting this site as often as you do.

During 2013, the blog was viewed about 57,000 times by people in 150 countries. The most visitors came from the United States, France, and Canada. The way the report reads, it would take roughly the equivalent of 23 sold-out performances at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall for that many people to see it.

I posted 260 times in 2013, bringing the total since 2009 to 1,264. The day with the highest visitor count was March 9 with 2,698. The post was my poem, “The Song of the Tree Frogs,” which originally appeared in 2010.

Of the 5 most popular posts during 2013, only one was posted for the first time during the year and that was when J. Patrick Lewis, who was then our nation’s children’s poet laureate, issued a new poetry challenge on my blog.

Of the list of top five attractions, one appeared for the first time in 2013; three first appeared in 2010; and one came from 2009. A post about poems for two voices — featured in PARTNER POEMS, the book I did with Tim Rasinski and Gay Fawcett, made the list twice, once from its 2009 post and again from when I repeated it in 2010.

The most comments were left by Linda Baie, Catherine Johnson, Jeanne Polond, Jane Heitman Healy, and Matt Forrest.

My thanks to one and all for joining the fun around here during 2013. I am always surprised by the numbers involved in social media communications. Thank you for your comments throughout the year to let me know that you’re there and that you find things to like here.



12 comments on “Year-end wrap-up

    • Hi, Freda! It’s hard to imagine that 2014 is about to begin. I was just getting the hang of 2013. Okay, new slate; bring it on.

    • Hello, Dear Jane. You are indeed in good company. I’m grateful for your participation in the blog dialog this year. You always have good thoughts to express and they are always appreciated.

    • There she is, folks! The one and only Renee! I’ve missed you, Dear. Thank you for popping over today to swell my hat size. I will look forward to other visits and exchanges in 2014. Baci!

  1. It’s good to look back, isn’t it, and then to anticipate, one of my favorite things. Glad to see some of our group visited often. I know I see Jeanne and Jane here a lot. Happiest of the beginnings to 2014, David. Looking forward to seeing what things you cook up for us next year!

    • Thank you, Linda, and Happy New Year to you. You all keep me thinking all the time! We shall see what this brand new opportunity has in store!

  2. Congratulations on the success of your blog, and more importantly, your career as a whole – it’s nice to see you continually creating and challenging yourself, as well as your readers. It really is inspiration for us. Have a great 2014, and I’m sure I’ll be chatting with you again – those of us in the “Gang o’ Five” need to hold onto our positions!

    • Hi, Matt. Happy New Year. I hope your healing process continues on schedule and that it’s the only inconvenience you have to deal with in this new year. Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to future chats too.

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